Frequently Asked Questions


What sets Harmony Strings apart?

  1. First and foremost: We are a string quartet, not an agency. What this means is you will speak directly with the musicians who will be performing for your event. There is no "middleman." Therefore, no information will get lost in the shuffle. We are degreed, professional musicians, and we've been performing together for over 15 years.

  2. We've won 24 industry awards based on client reviews, including the Hall of Fame, Gayest & Greatest, Couple's Choice, & Best of Weddings!

  3. When it comes to weddings, we are experts at tailoring the music to the moment. Our experienced professionals will time each song accordingly so the music ends at the nearest cadence at just the right moment. We've all heard horror stories of live music suddenly screeching to a halt, disrupting an otherwise beautiful wedding ceremony. Your wedding day is too important to put in the hands of an inexperienced group of amateur musicians. With Harmony Strings, you can rest assured that your wedding music will flow seamlessly from one song to the next, and it will sound as if each song was composed for just that moment in time.

  4. Rest assured your event will not be outsourced to high school/college students (common practice!). When you book Harmony Strings, you are booking degreed, classically-trained professionals who have been performing together for over a decade. The person you speak with will be one of the musicians performing at your event. Here at Harmony Strings, we believe in upholding the integrity of our profession.

  5. We are passionate about learning new music and performing the music that you love! Our repertoire consists of hundreds of classical & contemporary songs and is constantly expanding! We offer to learn 2 new songs free of charge for each event, so be sure to let us what you have in mind when you request a quote! 3 months prior notice required.

  6. We truly care about each event. We love what we do and are grateful to be a part of so many beautiful memories. To the clients who took the time to write such kind words in online reviews and in handwritten thank-you cards, we are forever grateful. It is because of them that we have won 19 awards since our inception, and we are truly honored.

  7. Last but not least: We are perfectionists! We are known for being meticulously detailed when it comes to performances, and we spend countless hours prepping and preparing for each and every event. Here at Harmony Strings we take our job seriously, and we will always arrive early and prepared.

  8. TL;DR --- Our professional string quartet has performed for thousands of events for 15+ years, and we've won 24 industry awards based on client reviews. Trust Harmony Strings for true professionalism, 15+ years of experience, and honest expertise!

What genre of music do you perform?

Solo Artists: John Legend, Beyoncé, Bruno Mars, Jason Mraz, Adele, Christina Perri, David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, and more!
Bands: U2, Coldplay, Guns N Roses, The Beatles, Fun, AC/DC, Queen, Muse, Sigur Ros, Train, and more!
Musicals: Hamilton, Phantom of the Opera, The Music Man, and more!
TV: Game of Thrones, Friends, Star Trek: The Next Generation, and more!
Movies: Up, Star Wars, Transformers, Beauty & The Beast, and more!  

If you have a special request, feel free to let us know 

Which instruments are in a String Duo, Trio, and Quartet?

  • String Duo: Violin & Cello

  • String Trio: Violin, Viola, & Cello

  • String Quartet: 2 Violins, Viola, & Cello

A string quartet will give the fullest sound. Similar to a choir, the quartet will cover the soprano, alto, tenor, & bass lines.  

How soon do I need to contact Harmony Strings to be assured of availability?

  • Contact us as soon as you have set the date and location of your event. Our calendar quickly fills up months and sometimes years in advance, so book early to ensure availability.

How much space do you require?

  • We require 10 feet x 10 feet for our string quartet, 8 feet x 8 feet for our string trio, & 6 feet x 6 feet for our string duo. We sit in a semi-circle formation in order to maintain eye contact to start/end each song together.

Will your quartet attend my wedding dress rehearsal?

  • We have found that attending the dress rehearsal is unnecessary.

How long should I book the string quartet for my wedding?

  • For most weddings, 1 hour of booking should suffice. This will include 20-30 minutes of prelude music (as your guests are seated before the wedding) and 30-40 minutes for the wedding ceremony itself. Of course, the length of your ceremony depends entirely on the person officiating your wedding. If your officiant likes to talk, then your ceremony will last quite a bit longer! Be sure to discuss the length of your wedding ceremony with your wedding officiant before booking our group. If you are looking for a kind, knowledgeable, & experienced wedding officiant (whose ceremonies are under 30 minutes), we recommend Rev. Ron Ramey for religious ceremonies and Benita Malone for secular ceremonies.

Do we have to pay for your set up time?

  • We do not charge for set up time.

When will the quartet arrive?

  • We typically arrive 30-45 minutes prior to performance start time to set up, tune our instruments, warm-up, and talk through cues with your coordinator.

Which songs do you recommend for a traditional wedding ceremony?

What is your typical attire?

  • Our standard attire is professional, performance black. Our aim is to let the music shine, and we want the spotlight to remain on you and your event (not on our outfits).

What is an appropriate tip for the musicians?

  • Tipping is optional (never expected) and typically falls in the range of $25-50 per musician.

We'd love to answer any additional questions you may have!  Please fill out the form on our "Request a Quote" page.